We could say that the art of photography runs through my veins since my Grandfather, Mom and Dad did the same work for more than 45 years …

Inside me there is a restlessness that makes my brain unable to stop always looking for one more and better shot. I need to document the story thoroughly from the beginning to the end. At first you will see me but a few minutes later I will be so blended with the environment that you will not even notice my presence. I don’t want to tell part of your story, I want to tell it all. Sometimes I have a serious face but is a face of concentration so I won’t let any tears escape, that is if I don’t escape first: D

I am in front of you when the wedding day begins and neither you nor your relatives see me because I am behind my camera. Me watching an unrepeatable movie, which will not happen again but luckily you will remember all the moments when you see my photographs.

I often have the feeling that when I connect with people (30 minutes later meeting them) I deeply feel that I already knew them, it is something incomprehensible that makes me end up giving hugs on a wedding day even to the guests when I say goodbye.

Despite all that I have achieved based on effort and work, I am a very simple and normal person and the little time that my work leaves me free I like to spend it with the people who love me (my family and friends) basically eating delicious things and with a good red wine in hand.


1984: Birth

2001: First time I shot photos at a wedding

2003: I start the Engineering degree at the ULPGC

2010: Workshop in Madrid with such important people like Jerry Ghionis and Fer Juaristi

2011: Workshop in Barcelona with people as important like Joe Buissink

2011: Workshop in Madrid with such important people like Jim Garner, Vinicius Matos or Yervant

2012: I become a founding member of Wedding Photography Select London

2013: I become a member of Fearless Photographers Washington State, USA

2014: Workshop in Seville with such important people like Same Rovan

2015: I finish my Engineering degree at the ULPGC

2015: Training in Seville with such important people as Mauricio Arias

2016: Workshop in Madrid with Jerry Ghionis


2017: Training in Jaén with people as important as Citlalli Rico, Daniel Aguilar and  Huy Nguyen

2017: I become a member International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers Portland USA

2022: Master in Photojournalism from the New York Institute of Photography

Multi-awarded worldwide

Professor and speaker of photography in courses and talks

Wedding reports made in up to 8 countries

If you want to know more about me before hiring to shoot one of the Most Important days of your life, call me and we’ll have a coffee, I’m looking forward to knowing your story

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“Photographing is the ability to capture in eternity an unrepeatable fact of life”

Jiten Dadlani